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We’ve created a unique visual system and strategy across the wide existing spectrum of visible mobile applications and found yourself in a wide, straggling with wainscots.


Rebuild a unified visual system for the advertising agency, made of steel which can change the world in a while.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

  • Client


Open Project


Zodiac Psychics is the bench mark of a white label App & Web production which is being developed for English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets. Delivered for Android and iOS & Web this platform features variety of complex services across 3 different App & Web products, sharing the same code base.

The Role

Lead Product Designer

adviqo GmbH is a big company with many departments which sometimes make processes too long. For this reason, we had a small team (Startup like) within the company to drive some ideas a bit faster. In order to succeed that we are collaborating with 2 external agencies which provide 1 Back-End & Web team and one App team. I was working closely with the Business owner to coordinate our processes and roadmap.

More specifically in this case study, this was my personal project in which I didn’t involve other designers. I always enjoy making experiments and providing proof for my design proposals.


Goal 🎯

Improve Payment screen in Apps & Website

  • add gamification 
  • add upselling options
  • A/B test different designs
iOS | Android | Website

Payment screens









Understand current metrics and try to improve them

  • Overall conversion rate 
  • Upselling
  • Convert new users
  • Conversion from free to paid users

Main problems

  • too many users using welcome offers/coupons
  • not many users are converting to paid users
App | Converting free to paid users
Website | Converting free to paid users

Website is clearly leading this metric


  • Higher discount on Website
  • We are displaying the discount in the Payment screen VS in the Apps that the coupon is displayed only on the screen before
  • It’s required to add Credit Card before using the free coupon VS the app

R&A Conclusions

Next Steps | App & Website

  • Optimize the payment screens further
  • UI improvements
  • Add offers, when applied, in the whole flow until the final step of the payment flows(we have many)
  • A/B test Gamification elements
  • Add Trust badges
  • Apply positive conclusion from the website analysis to the app
android only

A/B Test no.1


  • Adding trust badges
  • Adding gamification elements
  • Align Android and iOS Topup screens. Revenue in iOS is much higher so I chose to implement the same screen in Android as well
Increased Revenue on Android by 6%
Before After
iOS only

A/B Test no.2


  • Display applied coupon to the payment screen after the Website’s implementation which has a better performance in converting new users
  • iOS is Zodiac’s main source of revenue therefore I am more careful with the experiments which I am taking one step at a time to increase certainty 
Increased Revenue on Android by 10%
Before After
android only

A/B Test no.3


  • Display applied coupon after implementing a similar experiment to iOS and increasing the revenue to 10%
  • I could experiment more with the Android app since the revenue coming from that platform is significantly smaller. That’s why I chose to try “bigger” changes. 
  • Made 2 cheapest top-up options smaller to attract less attention
  • Added preselection top-up option in order for the users to top up with 1 click
  • Added CTA that displays the exact amount the user will pay to decrease the uncertainty of the amount they will pay
Increased Revenue on Android by 30%
Before After

Website improvements

Unfortunately, we can’t conduct A/B test experiments on the website because we don’t support it yet


  • Reflect the changes/ success if the App A/B tests to the Website
  • Aligned the topup options across our platforms.
  • Added Bonuses to the biggest tiers
  • Added gamification stickers
  • General UI fixes
  • Added coupon section below the top-up screen
  • Moved the transactions’ history to the bottom of this page since I know from GA that after each call they are checking this info. Therefore I wanted the users to scroll through what we wanted before reaching their non-conversion goal
Before After

change dashboard and payment screen


  • UI improvements
  • adding payment methods
  • dashboard. add bonus and gamification stickers, full screen to avoid distraction
  • disable the input field while topping up
android only

Add Payment methods


  • Talk about custom vs Adyen
  • Apple pay, CC, Paypal to stay away for IAP
  • Try to add coupons specific to payment methods to motivate users to not use iap etc
  • new users adding cc before using welcome offer
  • whales paying with cc to use coupon
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